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Series 3D Drawings

The following drawings may be downloaded in *.PDF (Portable Document File) format for reading on or printing from the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download the Adobe Acrobat reader at free of charge. You may need the most current version of the Acrobat reader to view/print the *.PDF files. If *.dxf format CAD drawings are needed, please contact your local Imo Pump sales associate. Drawing contents are subject to change without notice. To search for a parts list, click here.

3D Series Pumps
Size Mounting Case Material Drawing
106Flange mountiron case SDD20018
106Foot mountiron case SDD18295
118Flange mountiron case SDD19051
118Foot mountiron case SDD18243
137Flange mountiron case SDD19052
137Foot mountiron case SDD19074
156Flange mountiron case SDD18533
156Foot mountiron case SDD19075
156Flange mountsteel case SDD18969
156Foot mountsteel case SDD18333
156Foot mountsteel case with axial inlet SDD17752
187Flange mountiron case SDD19053
187Foot mountiron case SDD19080
187Flange mountsteel case SDD19056
187Foot mountsteel case SDD18561
218Flange mountiron case SDD19586
218Foot mountiron case SDD17974
218Flange mountsteel case SDD19072
218Foot mountsteel case SDD17971
218Foot mountsteel case with axial inlet SDD17745
250Flange mountiron case SDD19587
250Foot mountiron case SDD18939
250Flange mountsteel case SDD19605
250Foot mountsteel case SDD18558
275Flange mountiron case SDD19650
275Foot mountiron case SDD19617
275Flange mountsteel case SDD19637
275Foot mountsteel case SDD19541
312Flange mountiron case SDD18537
312Foot mountiron case SDD18991
312Flange mountsteel case SDD20057
312Foot mountsteel case SDD19108
337 & 350Flange mountiron case SDD18946
337 & 350Foot mountiron case SDD19095
337 & 350Flange mountsteel case SDD19115
337 & 350Foot mountsteel case SDD18096
400Flange mountiron case SDD18942
400Foot mountiron case SDD18771
400Flange mountsteel case SDD19085
400Foot mountsteel case SDD18399