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Founded in 1931, purchased by Circor in 2017

Carl Montelius

During what he later described as a "boring night at a factory test room", Carl Montelius sketched out an idea for a pump with three intermeshing screws, rotating in a manner that would make them mutually sealing.

A respected Swedish engineer with 60 patents already to his credit (including the first pay telephone), Montelius regarded the interesting rotors as an amusing intellectual puzzle, working almost every evening during 1923 to develop the mathematical algorithms of the threads. In 1931, Montelius linked with financier Bengt Ingestrom and formed Aktiebolaget IMO-Industri, taking the name IMO from their own names Ingestrom and Montelius.

His painstaking work produced the elegant design that was the world's first multiple screw pump. The precisely calculated profile of the rotor threads prevents vibration and makes the Imo screw pump smooth and silent even when running at high speeds and high pressure. The simplicity of the design is one of the reasons why literally millions of these pumps are now in service around the world, in thousands of different applications.

  • ncplant.jpg (17301 bytes)  Headquarters Plant: Monroe, NC, USA - An ISO 9001 approved quality management system oversees production of high performance industrial three screw pumps and three screw pumps for Naval combat and support ships. This plant includes Imo Pump research and development and all headquarters facilities and personnel.  A fabrication facility is an integral part of the operation and uses qualified welders and weld procedures.
  • kyplant.jpg (14316 bytes)  Columbia, KY, USA facility is an all-manufacturing operation producing high pressure gear pumps and all the large production quantity three screw pumps. Its quality management system is ISO 9002 approved.
  • Together, these plants produce high quality pumps for hydrocarbon and chemical processing, crude oil transport, Navy and commercial marine, power generation, pulp and paper, hydraulic elevator and general industrial machinery.