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Series 3E Drawings

The following drawings may be downloaded in *.PDF (Portable Document File) format for reading on or printing from the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download the Adobe Acrobat reader at free of charge. You may need the most current version of the Acrobat reader to view/print the *.PDF files.

DXF, Parasolid, JT and Solid Edge CAD data is available for standard products by entering the part number or model number into the search function. Data for custom designs may be available, please contact your local Imo Pump sales associate.  CAD data contents are subject to change without notice. 

JT, Parasolid, Solid Edge, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.

3E Series Pumps and Pumps with NEMA Frame Motors
Size Mounting Case Material Drawing
_3E_F_-87(P)/95Foot mountiron or steel case SDD17852
_3E_F-118(P)Foot mountiron case SDD19379
_3E_FS-118(P)Foot mountsteel case SDD18198
_3E_F-143(J)/162Foot mountiron case SDD18020
_3E_FS-143(J)/162Foot mountsteel case SDD18103
_3E_F-187(Y/M)/200Foot mountiron case SDD19398
_3E_FS-187(Y/M)/200Foot mountsteel case SDD18505
_3E_C-87(P)/95Flange mountiron or steel case SDD19077
_3E_C-118(P)Flange mountiron case SDD18268
_3E_CS-118(P)Flange mountsteel case SDD18958
_3E_C-143(J)/162Flange mountiron case SDD18251
_3E_CS-143(J)/162Flange mountsteel case SDD17990
_3E-C-187(Y/M)/200Flange mountiron case SDD19113
_3E_CS-187(Y/M)/200Flange mountsteel case SDD18280
_3EIC(S)-87(P)/95Integral mountiron or steel case SDD19147
_3EIC-118(P)Integral mountiron case SDD19924
_3EICS-118(P)Integral mountsteel case SDD19529
_3EIC-143(J)/162Integral mountiron case SDD18778
_3EICS-143(J)/162Integral mountsteel case SDD19925
_3EIC-187(Y/M)/200Integral mountiron case SDD19926
_3EICS-187(Y/M)/200Integral mountsteel case SDD19927
Pump with NEMA Motor Outlines- Series 3E
Size Mounting Case Material Drawing
3E-87/95Foot mount on baseplateIron and steel case SDD20066
3E-87/95Flange mount to C-face motorIron and steel case SDD20073
3E-118Foot mount on baseplateIron case SDD20067
3E-118Flange mount to C-face motorIron case SDD20074
3E-118Foot mount on baseplateSteel case SDD20068
3E-118Flange mount to C-face motorSteel case SDD20075
3E-143/162Foot mount on baseplateIron case SDD20069
3E-143/162Flange mount to C-face motorIron case SDD20076
3E-143/162Foot mount on baseplateSteel case SDD20070
3E-143/162Flange mount to C-face motorSteel case SDD20077
3E-187/200Foot mount on baseplateIron case SDD20071
3E-187/200Flange mount to C-face motorIron case SDD20078
3E-187/200Foot mount on baseplateSteel case SDD20072
3E-187/200Flange mount to C-face motorSteel case SDD20079