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Series 3G Drawings

The following drawings may be downloaded in *.PDF (Portable Document File) format for reading on or printing from the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download the Adobe Acrobat reader at free of charge. You may need the most current version of the Acrobat reader to view/print the *.PDF files. If *.dxf format CAD drawings are needed, please contact your local Imo Pump sales associate. Drawing contents are subject to change without notice.

Pump Outlines- Series 3G Drawing
AA3G_095, iron case SDD19409
AA3G_118, iron case SDD19580
AA3G_143/162, iron case SDD19511
AA3G_095, steel case SDD19643
AA3G_118, steel case SDD19644
AA3G_143/162, steel case SDD19645
AA3G/NN__IA095, iron case SDD19705
AA3G/_N__IA095, iron or steel case SDD19706
AA3G/NN__IA118, iron case SDD19713
AA3G/_NS__IA118, steel case SDD19714
AA3G/NN__IA143/162, iron case SDD19719
AA3G/_NS_IA143/162, steel case SDD19720
AA3G/______187/200, iron case SDD19901
AA3G/__S___187/200, steel case SDD19981
AA3G/______250, iron case SDD19902
AA3g__S____250, steel case SDD19982